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Tanznetz, Giessener-Allgemeine 

Can be that contains the time lost, the good or evil. It may be Pandora’s Box. Could  be hide in it the illusions and magic. What is certain is that this is an object of desire, and as such, we are going to it with the intention of possessing. But only a couple can get it, and only to one person is given the honor to unblock. A box made of boxes that hides the source of the music, the harmony, the spaces, the time,  the life … Listening to the complaint of an instrument, such as crawling on the prehistory, which  takes shape and become intelligible, intelligent, universal.

Said something that someone said that didn’t want to be in our senses:

Everyone lives isolated from themselves.

Better of making a detour

And if possible, make way with beggars, vagabonds, police officers,

Or anything that makes you laugh and is around

based on a poem by Hans Peter Keller.

JEDER lebt von sich getrennt.

Besser einen Umweg machen.

Wenns geht, auf du mit Bettler Strolch Polizist

Oder wass sonst zum Lachen

Vorhanden ist.  (original poem by Hans Peter Keller).

Duration: 45 min

Direction and choreography: Marcos Marco.

Performers: Lea Lhadka, Mamiko Sakurai, Michael Bronczkowski, Endre Sumy, Edoardo Novelli.

Graphics and video: Marcos Marco.

Pictures: Tanzcompagnie Giessen.

Production: Tanzart Festival Giessen.

2014 june.