Cul de sac
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Cul de sac

We come out of the darkness: a book, a man, a light, a woman, another

We try to understand ourselves, in silence, without succeeding. But the Music appears! And everything is ordered, harmonized, structured, paired …

Books as armor, Books RayBradburyanos, burned with messages that lead us to impossible tercets.

A circle of light illuminates loneliness, uncontainable desire. Handkerchiefs born of magic like northern lights, like «flammes du feu de la passion», as extensions of that self determined to destroy us, like leaves devoured by fire.

«The last leaves fall dancing. A great dose is needed Of insensitivity not to succumb to autumn»

Emil Cioran.

Choreography : Yannick Rayne & Marcos Marco

Duration / 20 minutes

Performers / Delpine Boutet, Tamara Fernando, Camille Balcaen,

Valentina Pace, Simon Courchel, Yannick Rayne, Marcos Marco.

Music / Glenn kotche, Bastard, Tunng, Troublemakers, John barri, The pascals.

Production / Ballet National de Marseille 2006.