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There are forces pushing us, 
which seem like fists squeezing 
our head against the ground, like gravity.
There are antagonistic forces 
that will never come to be understood, 
like the protons and electrons of this 
huge atom that we are.
However our dream is to fly higher and higher, 
further away ...ATOMS AWAY.
That is what this work is about: 
to demonstrate that impossibilities 
can also navigate the contradictions 
of our giant self.
A tribute to all those 
who dream supported in the doorway 
of the emergency exits.
Choreography_ Marcos Marco Duration_ 22 minutes Performers_ Clara Cafiero, Marcos Marco Music_ Murcof, The late Cord Pictures_ Didier Philispart Production_ Malaga Dance Festival (Ventana abierta a la danza), Margen Festival Logroño 2016.