Into The White
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(link video-working process)

This project responds to the need to question ourselves on the situation of over-information in which we currently live.
Have we lost ourselves in a world engulfed by over-information? Incessant news bombing. We movedragging this weight without measure, without limit. We respond with pocket answers to questions that doesn’t exist. We look for invisible problems. We have become our worst enemy. Although fortunately we want to believe that we still have a glimpse of hope. The fragile connection with our deepestself could be the escape. A presence that watches over us. My hand is yours.




Invited at the festival Abril en Danza Alicante and the Burgos-NY choreographic contest 2020
Frei Art Festival September 2021
Palacio Festivales Santander, November 2021
Klap maison pour la danse Marseille November 2021




Duration: 5O min approx

Direction and choreography _  Marcos Marco

Assistant Chorégraphique _ Andrés García Martínez

Production-Diffusion _ Mar Larroca

Performers _ Andrés García Martínez, Marcos Marco

Music _ Carla Bazulich- Daniel Hart- Timber Timbre

Pictures _ German Anton_ Abril en Danza Festival

Texte _  Marcos M

Production _   Theatre Toursky, Klap Marseille, ENDM Marseille